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ARMHER is a company created by women to protect women from crime. We devoted years to studying the mind-set of criminals who victimize women, and researching the extraordinary selection of personal protection devices (PPDs) available to women. We selected the most effective and affordable PPDs and created four unique “Survival Kits” – each Kit is filled with proven defenses that safeguard women from crimes against their person and their property. From students to seniors, ARMHER is the perfect gift.

  • Consider booking an ARMHER expert on security for women for your next meeting or conference.
  • Invite an ARMHER representative to an informal get-together in your home to discuss how you can protect those you love.
  • Contact us if you have an interest in selling ARMHER Survival Kits and products.
Please don’t leave our website without forwarding the information found on our TIPS page to the women you love. It’s absolutely free and it could save her life.

She’s living on her own for the first time.

Arm her with proven defenses against danger on and off campus.

Protect her and her family.

Arm her with proven defenses specifically structured for home and auto security.

She is a woman on the go.

Arm her with proven defenses against danger at home and away.

She lives alone and is vulnerable to health problems and crime.

Arm her with proven defenses against accidents and dangerous situations.

NEW!! Custom Survival Kit

Would you like to select your own assortment of Personal Protection Devices for yourself or a special person in your life?

Personalizing a kit is easy to do.  

Armher Bag

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