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  Seniors Survival Kit Includes:

*ARMHER Alarm Whistle
Research shows that loud noise is a woman’s first defense against would-be attackers. The ARMHER whistle features 120 decibel alarm - a sound defense against assault!

*Survival Guidebook
This extraordinary, well-researched book is the most comprehensive guide available to safeguarding the women you love, their families and homes.
Door Stop Alarm
Simply place this wedge-shaped door stop behind any door. A loud 120 decibel alarm will alert her if an intruder tries to enter her home or hotel room.
*File of Life
58% of all emergency calls are for senior citizens. Seniors can be panicked and confused when emergency personnel arrive. Posted on the refrigerator, the "File of Life" lists medical history, medications, allergies, and other vital information.
Book Safe
What looks like an ordinary book is actually a safe. The cutout space in the center allows her to hide treasured items from a prospective thief.

*ARMHER Security Decals
Easy to apply to the windows of her home or automobile, these decals discourage trespassers and thieves from breaking into her home or car.

Emergancy Help Light
Precious minutes are often wasted as emergency personnel try to locate the correct house - especially at night.  This flashing strobe light is visible for thousands of feet, saving rescuers precious seconds finding your location.

*Safety Night Light
This night light turns on when it gets dark and off in the morning light. Perfect for preventing trips and falls. Light covers the entire outlet plate, preventing electrical shock or burns.

24- Hour Timers
These timers can be set to turn lights or appliances on and off automatically. Give her apartment, home or office the impression someone is there even when they’re not!

Ultimate Survival Kit

The Ultimate Survival Kit contains all of the above items.

Kit comes in the handy ARMHER BackPack.

A $103 value - now only $59!


Basic Survival Kit

Kit contains:

* ARMHER Alarm Whistle
* Survival Guidebook

* File of Life
* ARMHER Security Decals

* Safety Night Light

Kit comes in the ARMHER Gift Bag.

                                     A $45 value - now only $29!

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