There were several events in my life that led me on the path to founding ARMHER. Key amongst these were having our home broken into, my daughter going off to college, and after my dad’s passing, having an elderly mother living alone. Anxiety can be debilitating or it can be the momentum to take action and put our worries at ease. In my case these occurrences triggered my search for safety and security devices that could protect the ones I love. What I discovered was that most of the companies selling security products targeted males; this seemed to be the wrong demographic to me. After further research, including a course called the Citizen’s Police Academy, ARMHER was born. We were able to locate many products that could prevent personal attacks, accidents and crimes against women. When put into use, many of these items are potentially lifesaving. Whether your loved ones are Students, Moms, Seniors, or Active Woman, I hope that you will give them the ultimate gift - the Gift of Protection.

Several years ago I made the transition from the shelter and security of home to college in New York City. Similar to most teens going off to school, no one could convince me of the dangers facing young people on their own for the first time. I wasn’t listening because like all 18 year olds, I was invincible. It wasn’t until one of my best friends was attacked that I began taking the concept of personal safety seriously. Fortunately, my friend was left physically unharmed; however the mental anxiety is something she will live with the rest of her life. Suddenly it hit home: the victim of this crime could just as easily have been me! Around this time, my mom had embarked on her quest for safety and security devices for family members and our home. Motivated by my friends assault, I decided to get involved and help put together what I feel are the perfect products for a college student or a young woman on her own for the first time.

A 20-year veteran in the advertising and marketing arena, I joined the ARMHER team in 2009 to help develop the company name, image and website. I joined forces with Deborah because of her passion to put within everyone's reach, the most effective defenses to protect women from crime. My personal background made me aware how relevant ARMHER would be to all women and to the people who love them: I was a student on my own since age 17; I am active woman frequently traveling alone in Europe and North America; I live in the 4th largest city in New England where my daughter has attended public schools for over a decade. ARMHER is an idea whose time has come in an increasingly dangerous world.

At present, I am the only male in the organization! Nevertheless, the fact that I have a wife, a daughter and two granddaughters, makes me proud to be a part of ARMHER- an organization dedicated to keeping the women in our lives safe. While doing the right thing, I was able to greatly reduce my personal anxieties surrounding my loved ones. Having served in a Military Intelligence capacity in Viet Nam, I can say with certainty that knowing your threats and preparing for them in advance, is always the best strategy. From purely a financial perspective, I know that our Survival Kits are the best investment you could possibly make for your safety. I am proud to lend my many years of financial expertise and long-standing military experience to the ARMHER organization.